Reception busy quoting for surgical admissions and obstetric care


Significant attempts have been made to look after you and your family. Hence we have attempted to display the practice fees as best as we can although they can sometimes vary. These fees reflect the running of a specialist medical practice and are in line with recommendations from the Australian Medical Association.  Fees are correct at the time of publication, changes may apply.​



Initial consultation  

    Item No -104 —$200            Medicare Rebate —$72.75          Out of Pocket —$127.25


Subsequent consultations

     Item no-105—150               Medicare Rebate —$43               Out of Pocket  —$57.00


For office procedures please ring the rooms to understand the fees and the rebates that apply.


Initial consultation  

           Item No -104 —$250           Medicare Rebate —$72.75          Out of Pocket —$177.25

Subsequent consultations

           Item no-105 — $200            Medicare Rebate —$43               Out of Pocket — $107.00


Please ring our rooms to understand the fees and rebates that apply.