Pre-pregnancy counselling

The initiative to seek fertility advice is an exciting one. Pre-pregnancy counselling is ideal to maximise the possibility of natural conception. The idea behind a specialist consultation prior to embarking on pregnancy is to identify and modify any medical, social and genetic factors that could have a potential adverse effect on the forthcoming pregnancy.


Delay in conception

Studies have shown that most couples achieve a pregnancy during the investigation process. If there is a delay in falling pregnant Anju will assist you with all the necessary investigations required for you and your partner. Sometimes minor assistance is required in the form of medications that can be managed easily from her consulting rooms.  



Anju recognises that fertility requirements for all patients are different and she works with each couple individually to create a fertility plan best suited for them. Anju works with Monash IVF to provide complete fertility care right here in town. 


Same-sex and transgender couples face unique fertility circumstances, and often must choose from a wide array of reproductive options. We offer a wealth of experience and comprehensive management options based on your individual fertility needs. Your options may range from donor IUI, clinic recruited IUI and or IVF, donor eggs, egg sharing and surrogacy fertility management.  Anju works closely with Monash IVF ( donor program) to create a personalised treatment plan specially designed for you specially when third party reproductive services are  involved. 

Egg Freezing and fertility preservation. 

Freezing eggs for women  is  generally performed for two reasons. Some women choose to freeze their eggs because they are aware of the impact age has on their fertility and they would like to give themselves options in later years. Other women need to freeze for medical reasons such as impaired ovarian function due to imminent chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment for cancer. During egg freezing mature unfertilised eggs are stored for future use in an attempt preserve potential fertility. Egg freezing is no longer in research phase and is now a commonly undertaken procedure. Anju can discuss the success rates, the process of egg freezing etc in detail with you. 

Information for you

These appointments can take up to 60 minutes. You and your partner ( if you have one ) are both encouraged to attend the initial appointment. Anju will take a thorough history, perform a gynaecological examination and review all the investigations already performed. She may then order more investigations as required based on your requirement.  

Further appointments may then be organised to discuss results and plan treatment including IVF if necessary.


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