Pre-pregnancy planning and consultation

Seeking fertility advice can be both daunting and exciting.Pregnancy consultation and planning is  an opportunity to maximise the possibility of natural conception. Specialist consultation prior to embarking on pregnancy is intended to identify and modify any medical, social and genetic factors that  may potentially effect a a future pregnancy.


Fertility treatment

Not all couples who are trying to conceive need  assisted reproductive technology (ART) to manage their fertility. Anju will assist you with the necessary investigations required for you and your partner.  

Ovulation Induction

Sometimes assistance is required in the form of medications and cycle monitoring which can be managed from our consulting rooms, such as ovulation induction with follicle tracking for women with ovulatory disorders. 


Some women may require surgical assistance, such as a laparoscopy, to help with conception. ART is usually offered when all conservative options are exhausted.  

Assisted Reproductive Technology (IUI/IVF) 

There are a wide range of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) available and Anju works with each couple to create a unique fertility plan that is best suited to  them. Sometimes IVF with embryo testing is electively undertaken when a woman is advanced in age. 


Information for you


Initial consultations can take up to 60 minutes. Your partner is encouraged to attend this  appointment. Anju will take a thorough history, perform a gynaecological examination (if indicated) and review  any investigations already performed. More investigation may be ordered if required.  Further appointments may then be organised to discuss results and plan treatment as necessary.

Consultation fees
Initial consultation  

    Item No-104 — $250.00  Medicare Rebate — $72.75  Out of Pocket — $177.25

Subsequent consultations

    Item No-105 — $200.00  Medicare Rebate — $43.00  Out of Pocket — $107.00


Please ring our rooms to understand the fees and rebates that apply.