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Ovulation monitoring and induction - Fees

There is a service fee charged for ovulation induction and cycle monitoring. This is to cover staff and administration time incurred in providing the service. These are Specialists on Honeysuckle fees only and do not include fees charged by external radiology services or pathology.


Please note there may be out of pocket fee or gap charges from radiology and rarely pathology. Some medications i.e trigger shot (Ovidrel) is not PBS covered and will be additional out of pocket cost to you of approximately $60-70 depending you where you purchase it. There will be no rebate from Medicare or private health for the follicle tracking management fee. It is fully self-funded and will be as the follows:

The cost of cycle management is $200 per cycle

This fee is to be paid on Day 1 of your cycle. When you make contact with 'Day 1' you will receive an invoice with payment instructions. Please pay either by phone, at our office or online. 

Cycle cancellations

Unfortunately these fees are not refundable. Should your cycle be cancelled prior to commencement of scans for any reason, this payment can be credited towards your next cycle management fee or your next consult fee.


Please feel free to contact our staff should you have any queries. 

More information about ovulation monitoring and induction

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